Bringing Quality Pain Management Services to the Midwest

Welcome to Midwest Pain Solutions, where we use a patient-centered approach to provide relief from chronic pain. With our skills in integrative pain management, we aim to improve our patient’s overall well-being, restore functionality, and empower our patients to enjoy the lives they both want and deserve.

MPS is focused on providing comprehensive pain solutions to Critical Access Hospitals and their surrounding communities. We provide rural communities access to quality pain procedures with decreased wait times and without having to travel long distances.

Conditions We Treat

If you or someone you care about are suffering from pain, knowing as much as possible about your condition is important.

Back & Spine

Shoulder & Arm

Knee, Leg & Joint

Head & Neck


Oncologic Related Pain

General Pain Disorders

Pelvic Pain

Our MIssion

Midwest Pain Solutions is dedicated to providing rural america with chronic pain relief, restoring function and renewing quality of life. We do this So You Can get back to living your best life, the one you want and deserve.

OUr Vision

To be recognized as the leading integrative pain management organization in rural america, to use a patient-centered approach to treating pain, improving patient’s overall well-being, functionality, and quality of life.

Don’t Live with Chronic Pain
We accept most insurance plans and offer discounts on cash payments.





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